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Take the HUNGER 101 trip and see for yourself why so many people in San Antonio and Southwest Texas are struggling to make ends meet, how it feels to have very few choices and what you can do to help end hunger in our area.

  • An estimated 49 million Americans are food insecure. Of those 49 million, almost 17 million are children and 5 million are seniors. Last year, over 37 million people used a Food Bank for emergency food assistance.
    USDA Economic Research Service, Feeding America
  • The average rate of poverty for the SAFB’s sixteen- county area is 20.5%.
    U.S. Census—2009 Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates
  • In Bexar County, one out of five individuals is potentially eligible to receive Food Stamp assistance, yet only about half actually participate in the program.
    U.S. Census—2008 Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates, Texas Health & Human Services Commission
  • Texas is the second most food insecure state in the nation. Defined, food insecurity is when you are so limited in resources to buy food that you are running out of food, reducing the quality of food that your family eats, feeding your children unbalanced diets, or skipping meals so your children can eat. 17.1 % of Texas’ population is food insecure. U.S. Census—2009 Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates
  • 5.7% of Texas’ population experience hunger on a regular basis – more than one million people.
    USDA/Economic Research Service
  • The rate of children living in poverty in Texas is 24.3%; the national rate is 20.0%. In Bexar County, that rate is 25.1% - that means that one in four children most likely struggle with food insecurity.
    USDA/Economic Research Service, U.S. Census—2009 Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates
  • In Southwest Texas, 14% of client households receiving emergency food assistance are seniors, higher than the state average of 9%.
    The Texas Food Bank Network, Hunger in America 2010: San Antonio and Southwest Texas
  • Almost half of clients’ households seeking emergency food assistance are forced to make choices between food and other basic necessities. 48% report having to choose between paying for utilities or heating fuel and food; 47% had to choose between paying for rent or a mortgage and food; 39% report having to choose between paying for gas for a car or food.
    Hunger in America 2010: San Antonio and Southwest Texas
  • Each week, approximately 58,000 people receive emergency food assistance from an agency in the San Antonio Food Bank network.
    Hunger in America 2010: San Antonio and Southwest Texas