The Mobile Mercado is an innovative social enterprise initiative
of the San Antonio Food Bank.

The Mobile Mercado is a mobile mini grocery store, farmers’ market, demonstration kitchen and teaching tool that improves access to healthy affordable foods such as locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables and brings nutrition education to areas of our community where it’s needed most.

The Mobile Mercado focuses on traveling to the “food deserts” in our 16 county service area to facilitate all households to access healthy food. Food deserts are areas with limited access to fresh, healthy and affordable food.

The Mobile Mercado brings residents in food desert areas access to locally grown, farm-stand quality produce and other healthy foods, at affordable price points.

The Mobile Mercado accepts:

– Credit/Debit
– Lone Star Card
– Cash

Professional chefs and nutritionists on board demonstrate how to make tasty meals with the healthy ingredients found on the truck, offering samples and providing nutrition education, including diabetes-friendly recipes.

You can also purchase affordable, delicious and nutritious meals-to-go that have been prepared by the culinary team at the San Antonio Food Bank and often use ingredients sourced from our farm.


“I would tell everyone – it’s important they know that the Mobile Mercado is very helpful. When you go there, they help you and give you vegetables without any struggle.”

- BLANCA, Consumer

“It’s convenient. It’s easy to shop. It’s locally grown and it’s very, very healthy for my girls.”