Fighting Hunger doesn’t always start with a meal. It starts with those who serve. The San Antonio Food Bank’s volunteer opportunities range from our sorting room, warehouse, garden and farm areas, our community kitchen, and even our off-site community kitchen at Haven for Hope. Whether you’re an individual, group, or company there are many opportunities to volunteer.

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Only through your efforts can the San Antonio Food Bank achieve our mission of helping feed the hungry in San Antonio and Southwest Texas.

As the San Antonio Food Bank continues to provide essential services to the community, we understand that those who choose to volunteer with us may put themselves in increased risk as first-responders. During our COVID-19 response, we are committed to fulfilling our mission with adherence to stringent protocols to protect all who serve. We encourage each volunteer to evaluate their own personal health prior to volunteering and that you review all recommended safety precautions as a first-responder volunteer.  

During this challenging time, with cases in the community at record high levels the Food Bank has been exposed by clients, volunteers, and staff who have tested positive.  We are doing everything possible to ensure your safety when you volunteer. We follow guidelines as outlined by the CDC for any person who is found to be positive.  We believe when guidelines are followed during one’s volunteer service, the opportunity for transmission of COVID-19 is mitigated. 

  • Temp check upon arrival - All volunteers will be given a no-touch temp check upon arrival. Volunteers with a temperature of 100.4 or above (the recommended threshold from the CDC) will be asked to leave and reschedule their shift.
  • Deep cleaning – Food Bank staff are continuously doing deep cleanings at all of our volunteer locations before, during and after volunteer shifts.
  • Social distancing: Accommodations are in place to allow volunteers to perform their duties with reasonable social distancing.
  • Provide Protective Gear – All visitors are required to wear a mask/face covering before entering our facility and during volunteer shifts. No exceptions. Hand sanitizer is available upon entry prior to kiosk check in and is also located throughout our various facilities. Gloves are provided at the start of each volunteer shift.
  • Closely Monitoring Personal Health – We ask that if you are feeling sick, you cancel your registration and come back after you are certain you have no symptoms nor contracted COVID-19.

Seniors, children, and adults out of work, need our services more than ever. To reach the goal of serving all those seeking help, we continue to depend on community volunteers to serve with us to fulfill our mission. Thank you for joining us, for helping us be vigilant in our safety measures, and for your selfless service that ensures no individual in our community will go without food. 

Thank you for volunteering!

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