June 6, 2018
Lauren Granado, Web & Digital Media Coordinator

With the hot days of summer approaching, the sun and rising heat are causes of concern for any Southwest Texan. Abby, a working mother of two, worries about the impact the summer months will have on her family.

Like most children, her 4-year-old daughter Arianna and 1-year-old son Anthony are active and love to play outside. For Abby, additional playtime during the summer means she will need to be mindful of preparing additional nutritious snacks and drinks for her children to stay hydrated and nourished.   

“They come inside for water and hydration and I have to be prepared with multiple snacks throughout the day,” Abby says.

Abby appreciates the Food Bank’s Farm Fresh Friday’s program because it provides locally sourced fruits and vegetables for her and her family to incorporate into healthy meals every week.

“The produce gets added to a meal such as caldo or chicken soup. The fruits and vegetables can last a couple of days for me and my children,” Abby says. “The roasted corn, apples, cabbage, carrots… they love all that!”

As a weekly surprise, Arianna and Anthony excitedly sort through the 15 lb. produce bag to find their favorites. For their latest bag, Arianna became intrigued by the bright orange bell peppers while Anthony couldn’t resist taking a bite out of an apple.

Abby is thankful for the Farm Fresh Friday program and feels it will not just benefit her and her family, but the community as well.