As families and individuals struggle with difficult choices like paying the rent or buying food, some also have to choose between keeping their pet and putting food on the table.

DaisyCares and the San Antonio Food Bank have partnered together to create the DaisyCares Pet Food Program – a program designed to provide struggling families and individuals with pet food assistance for their pets.

The DaisyCares Pet Food Program provides pet food to clients through our established network of partner agencies already providing emergency food assistance to families and individuals in need. The San Antonio Food Bank will work with local retail stores and with pet food manufactures to obtain donations of pet food and products for distribution.

Program Guidelines:

The primary purpose of this program is to prevent animal surrenders due to a family’s inability to feed their pet(s). The following procedures are requested of all DaisyCares Pet Food Program participants:

  1. The program must be primarily for the general public low income family whose intent is to maintain their pet in their home.
  2. Animal Shelters / Rescue organizations may utilize no more than 20 % of all products acquired through the DaisyCares Pet Food Program for internal pet maintenance.
  3. Program participants are required to accept referrals from the SAFB and United Way’s 211 help line of families in need of pet food assistance.
  4. Program participants will be asked to submit monthly reports on pet product distribution to families. (This report will be available online for online submission as well as a hard copy will be provided to all program participants.)
  5. Product acquired under the DaisyCares Pet Food Program will be free to program participants (up to quantities dictated by the SAFB).
  6. DaisyCares Pet Food Product may NOT be redistributed to any other organization and must be distributed solely by the program participant (interested organizations should contact the SAFB for information on how to participate in the program).
  7. DaisyCares Pet Food Product may only be distributed to families who fall under the low income guidelines or families receiving federal benefits such as TANF, WIC, CHIP, MEDICAID, SNAP (Food Stamps), or individuals who are disabled and low income.
  8. The SAFB family intake form must be used to qualify families (this form is available on our website) and these intake files should be retained for a minimum of 3 years.

Project Kindness:

Project Kindness was created to inform children about kindness to animals through education and awareness. DaisyCares provides empowering presentations to school-aged children in schools, after school programs, and other activities. This project promotes kindness to animals by way of an interactive group activities adjusted to meet the age(s) of the specific group of children and allocated time. To learn more and schedule a Project Kindness presentation, please visit

Veterinary Care:

The DaisyCares Veterinary Care program was created to help needy pet owners and rescue groups with the cost of veterinary care. Today, more than ever, pet owners are faced with economic hardship, and too often do not have the resources to pay for veterinary care for their pets. DaisyCares strives to save pets’ lives by way of grants to vets on behalf of qualifying pet owners and/or rescue groups. Subject to availability of funds. To learn more about the DaisyCares Veterinary Care program, please visit

To learn more about DaisyCares, please visit

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PAWedu is a program of DaisyCares and the San Antonio Food Bank to ensure that measures are taken to achieve a community where animal neglect is unacceptable.

PAWEdu is an innovative online rehabilitation education program for individuals cited for animal neglect cases. This education program supports responsible pet ownership and fosters human-animal connection. PAWedu is mandated by local courts who oversee animal neglect cases.

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