In our efforts to feed thousands of food insecure families in the 16-county service area and to break the cycle of hunger, the San Antonio Food Bank has established many creative partnerships. One of those partnerships is with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice through the Texas Second Chance Program.

The Texas Second Chance Program is a 6 month (100 hour) program providing professional training in warehousing, inventory, and culinary skills coupled with the opportunity to gain certifications, licenses, and a sense of accomplishment.

This work-study program combines a classroom curriculum with a hands-on practicum.  The course covers warehouse safety, first aid, shipping and receiving, storage and staging inventory control, and order selection of edible and non-edibles product.  The primary module is introduction, inspection and use of all available types of material handling equipment. Successful completion gives the student a material handling equipment license and a sense of accomplishment.

This program is a partnership between:

  • Windham School System
  • Fabian Dominguez State Jail
  • Ruben M. Torres Unit
  • San Antonio Food Bank

Our Culinary Training Program is also offered through the Texas Second Chance Program.

The San Antonio Food Bank frequently requests speakers for the Texas Second Chance Program.

Each Friday from 12:30 PM -1 PM, participants in the program attend a one-hour class where they receive instruction and hear from guest speakers. We are looking for corporate leaders to inspire and educate these students/offenders as they are attempting to create a positive change in their future. Would you consider spending a half hour of your lunch break on an upcoming Friday talking with our students about your industry and the choices you have made that have attributed to your success and any advice you think may be of value to them?

To be considered as a Speaker, please contact:

Executive Assistant & Board Liaison

For questions regarding the Texas Second Chance Program, please contact:

or 800.246.9121