Growing Healthy Children

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Genevieve Noriega : 210-431-8340

The San Antonio Food Bank and Goldsbury Foundation are working together to fight childhood hunger issues while exploring new ways to effectively improve and sustain healthy lifestyles among children with a new program – Growing Healthy Children.

This program will provide 50 pounds of fresh nutritous produce and program services to families with children enrolled in twelve unique local schools on a monthly basis. The goal is to influence lifestyles by teaching children and families how to make healthy choices, how to incorporate a daily wellness routine, and how to improve the overall health of the family unit. Data will be collected, measure and analyzed for impact over a three-year period.


Pilot Program Schools

  • Hawthorne Elementary School
  • Mark Twain Middle School
  • KIPP CAMINO Academy

In addition to the food distribution, the schools in the pilot program will receive special program services including health and wellness sessions, social services outreach, culinary arts demonstrations, physical activities and community garden projects. The San Antonio Food Bank’s Community Garden team will share various gardening topics.

General Program Schools

  • JT Brackenridge Academy
  • Loma Park Elementary School
  • Gus Middle School
  • Anson Jones Middle School
  • Palo Alto Elementary School
  • Southwest Elementary School

In addition to the food distribution, the schools in the general program receive outreach related materials, such as informational flyers and recipes.

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